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Clarity and Expansion of Consciousness

An individual’s clarity of consciousness depends on the condition of their own physiology. (Collins, 2020) In this way, clarity of consciousness varies from person to person. To further understand this, we can look at the experiential scientific study of physiology. Physiology is a branch of biology which explores the inner functions of a living being and how they interact with the external environment. Physiology looks closely at how these inner systems operate and communicate. Ultimately, how well the systems work together internally, while handling external stimuli, will determine if the being’s conditions are favorable for survival. ("What is physiology?," 2019)

An individual’s physiology depends on a few basic practices. Healthy sleep patterns, food intake, and exercise are key to keeping one’s physiology in homeostasis. Keeping these practices, as well as introducing a meditative practice, enhances whole brain function and leads to increased clarity of consciousness. (Collins, 2020.) This powerful yet simple recipe for “success” is linked directly to the function of the physical nervous system. When basic needs are met, external stressors are managed in a healthy way, and transcendent experiences are alternated with dynamic activity, the nervous system functions in a pure and smooth way. (Collins, 2020) It is in this condition, that clarity of consciousness can be maintained and expanded.

I absolutely agree with this model based on my personal experiences. There was a particularly challenging time in my life when I fell out of a simple health routine and did not yet have a regular meditative practice. There was not much growth or expansion during that period in my life. I felt confused, tired, lost, helpless, without focus, overwhelmed by emotions, alone, unable to handle external stressors, unskillful, had low self-esteem, and had a lot of mental chatter. Fortunately, that was a brief phase and I was able to find myself back in a rhythmic flow of self-care and awareness. Once I returned to my basic needs being met, I rediscovered meditative practices and was able to expand beyond simple survival mode.

I have been enjoying this way of life for about eight years now! I have found that the more I purify my being and allow for the whole brain function to occur, the clearer conscious awareness becomes. Looking back, I appreciate that difficult time as a learning experience that was necessary. The radiant light of pure conscious Being was always present--- I just was not able to reflect that into reality during that time. On that note I say, “Namaskaram.”



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