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Siva Samantha shares wisdom from many years of holistic wellness practice. She holds certifications in Tang Soo Do (traditional martial arts), Hatha Yoga, Reiki, and Sound Healing. Most recently she has been studying Ayurveda Wellness & Integrative Health at Maharishi International University.

Siva Samantha loves to practice holistic wellness (obviously!), ecstatic dance, create visual art, snuggle, go on adventures, jam with musical friends, garden, play with fire, explore nature, learn from and teach children, and cook yummy food to share. She is a happy mom to her vibrant daughter and quite a few animal babies. She and Siva Aditya share a passion for yoga and having fun. They all live together in the beautiful green mountain state of Vermont.



Siva Aditya is a Kriya Yogi who's been on a path of self-exploration for over 10 years. Kriya Yoga is a practice that involves energy harnessing. With the guidance of an enlightened master, he was able to explore and realize his own infinite nature.

His meditative guidance focuses on classical Yoga practices as well as exploring fundamental faculties of the body and mind. Through self-study and dedicated practice, pure consciousness is expressed in the contemporary circumstances of our everyday lives. 

Pretty much bridging the East and the West.

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